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Rotary air lock

Select Palmer Tool, LLC's Extreme Duty Rotary Valve and experience top-tier designs that will outlast other models 4 to 1. All parts of the valve are heavier and stronger, including interior surfaces and the seal protection layer. This service is unique to our company.


There's no need to throw away your air lock when it experiences wear and tear. In fact, ours is designed to be easily rebuilt with exceptional performance standards.


It's time to modify rather than replace, and allocate your assets elsewhere! When you turn to us, you'll work with our engineering team to create an efficient and effective design for your special needs.


Send your old valve to us for a rebuild service today, and exceed the original design life cycle!  Contact us for any questions.

Effective upgrades for your current rotary air locks

Full rotary air valve modification package

• Re-machine castings

• Paint

• Sandblasting

• Replace or repair shaft and blades

• Replace seals

• Replace o-rings and packing bearings

We are here for your emergency or after-hours situation. Call us!


New rotary air lock

Superior designs for your

rotary air locks